23 Oct

Don’t look at India, US ties in a narrow trade perspective: Navtej Sarna

Washington: Indian Ambassador to the United States Navtej Sarna has called on the US business community not to examine bilateral relations between India and the United States from a narrow multifaceted business perspective.

“By looking at this relationship, I encourage you not to examine it purely from the narrow commercial perspective, because this relationship (India-US) has the breadth and depth to survive the ups and downs,” Sarna told a meeting of business representatives at an event hosted by the US Business Council (USIBC) this week.

“From what I can remember since I first arrived in 1998, there was only an increase and an increase. We go through the progressive administrations in both capitals with great confidence because there is an inherent logic to this relationship that goes beyond politics partisan, which goes beyond the buffets of what the immediate trade figures can be seen as, “Sarna said.

He said it in an apparent reference to the trade imbalance between the two countries, mentioned repeatedly by senior officials of the Trump administration. According to Sarna, the trade figures do not seem too bad.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in his speech that there were some imbalances that needed to be corrected. “We are working on this, and to put it in perspective, it is perhaps a tenth of the trade imbalance that the United States of China suffers, so we are looking for ways and means,” said the Indian ambassador.

Scabies has identified defense and energy as key areas that can not only increase trade between the two countries but also result in a balanced trade. “The greater reliance on US technology, the greater possibility of defense against India, the greater possibility of co-development and co-production has its own implications for trade and balance of trade figures,” he said.

In the civil aviation sector, SpiceJet ordered 205 aircraft. “But that’s not all, India would increase, and the figures would not change from quarter to quarter, even if you take between 5 and 7%, but the Indian civil aviation market increases to 20%.

Sarna said last month that it announced the first US crude exports to India. “This is going to be a monthly purchase because prices are still good enough for India to buy despite the distance. And I think all major oil companies invest not only in the US oil and gas sector. , are now buying oil, “he said.

Starting in January, India will start buying liquefied natural gas (LNG). “I just visited Alaska and saw the huge potential that Alaska has for gas exports and are very eager to partner with Asian markets,” Sarna said.

17 Oct

Myanmar bars US official from Rohingya conflict zone

Yangon: Myanmar reported Friday that a US official would not be allowed to travel in a region where the violence has caused an exodus of about 400,000 Rohingya Muslims that the United Nations has marked an “example of ethnic cleansing handbook.” The Rohingya have fled west from the Rakhine state to neighboring Bangladesh to escape a military offensive that has raised questions about Myanmar’s transition to a civilian government under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Secretary of State Kyi.US Rep. Patrick Murphy will express Washington’s concerns about Rohingya and will press for more access to the conflict zone for humanitarian workers, the State Department said. Officials from Myanmar said they would meet with government officials in the capital, Naypyitaw, and attend a nation-addressed statement by Suu Kyi on Tuesday.

He will also visit Sittwe, the state capital, and meet with the governor of Rakhine, Secretary of State Tin Maung Swe told Reuters, but the northern state where the conflict erupted. August 25th would be off limits. allowed, “said Tin Maung Swe, when asked if it would be Murphy in the Maungdaw district, at the heart of the fighting that began when insurgents attacked Rohingya police stations and an army camp while about 400,000 refugees spread through of the border in Bangladesh, fears have also increased a humanitarian crisis on the Myanmar side, but access for humanitarian workers and journalists has been severely restricted. Myanmar insisted Friday that humanitarian workers were not banned, but a spokesman of the government said that the authorities in the field may have security problems. ” Authorities are watching and fleeing Rohingya saying that “Rakhine’s army and Buddhist vigilantes established an intentional fire campaign directed at the Muslim population.

A Reuters photographer on the Bangladesh side of the border said he could see huge banks of dark smoke in Myanmar territory on Friday, while international aid organizations said the refugees were still coming. “There’s really no sign of this shaking of people,” said Chris Lom of the International Organization for Migration in the border neighborhood of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. “There are still, we think, thousands of people waiting to take the boats through the Cox Bazaar.”

‘Burned earth’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the UN Security Council urged Myanmar to end the violence, which he said was best described as ethnic cleansing. Myanmar rejects the charges, saying its security forces are carrying out removal operations against insurgents of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, which claimed responsibility for the August 25 attacks and similar attacks, although smaller in October . Russia’s ambassador said on Friday Vassily Nebenzia that if Moscow is concerned, “we can not rule out that it was triggered by terrorist activities” “We talked to the Myanmar government, of course,” he told reporters. “We are worried about what is happening … We are anxious to stop the violence early and increase the humanitarian situation of the population.” The government has declared Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army as a terrorist organization and accused it of burning and attacking civilians.

Ethnic cleansing is not recognized as a separate crime under international law, but allegations of ethnic cleansing in the context of broader and more systematic violations of human rights have been heard in international tribunals. The Amnesty International Rights group stated that the evidence showed a “large scale campaign burned the evidence is irrefutable” across the north of Rakhine was undeniable ethnic cleansing “: Myanmar security forces put the Rakhine State on fire in a campaign aimed at pushing the Rohingya in Myanmar, “said Tirana Hassan, director of the group’s response. The group said it had detected 80 rohingya large fires since 25 August. Although the magnitude of the damage could not be verified, due to government access restrictions, “it is likely that entire villages were burned.” He said he also had credible reports of Rohingiya militants burning ethnic Rakhine and other minority households, and about 30,000 non-Muslims have also been displaced.

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday he had spoken to Suu Kyi and she said she was working to get help in areas of Myanmar affected by the violence. The generals continue to control national security policy. However, Suu Kyi has been widely criticized abroad for not stopping or condemning the violence. The campaign against Muslim insurgents is popular at home. The UN agency said the Rohingya arrive in Bangladesh suffer from “real difficulties and some of the most difficult conditions found in a refugee situation.” “With increasing inflow every day, UNHCR is requesting an initial $ 30 million for emergency humanitarian response in Bangladesh by the end of the year,” a spokeswoman for the agency said in Geneva.

Bangladesh said that all refugees had to return to their country and called for safe areas in Myanmar. Myanmar has ruled it and said it will accept anyone who can verify their citizenship. Most Rohingya are stateless. Thousands of people demonstrated after Friday prayers in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, to denounce the treatment of the Rohingya. A protest leader said they demanded a UN peacekeeping force and that Myanmar would be charged in an international court. Reuters

09 Oct

She Gave Up $100,000 A Year Job In Banking To Seek ‘World Chocolate Domination’

The 45-year-old entrepreneur makes high-end chocolates. She owns her own business, called Chouquette (pronounced shoo-ket). She is making money. And his creations are dubbed throughout the region, in places like the Four Seasons Georgetown, the White House Historic House and even at sporting events (a greeting to a philanthropic billionaire). But under the gay personality, there is a strong businessman “I love the creative and commercial side, but also the real chocolates, but I have to be smart and careful to develop Chouquette,” said Dwyer, who spent nine years in the financial sector. “My personal growth – from being an entrepreneur in business management to the entrepreneur creating a brand – is the key to Chouquette’s success and the global dominance of chocolate.” In one case: a few years ago, the company relied on sales to farmers’ markets when everything went haywire.

“The agricultural markets were fun, they met with all those people, they brought money,” he said. But I was not expanding. The problem was that she was a retailer in the farmers’ markets, which means that she not only made the chocolates but had to sell them too, which required a large labor investment. “I was too thin,” Dwyer said. “We produce agricultural markets four days a week.” The way to start a business is to make chocolates, to sell them wholesale to many retailers and let them take from there. “Am I going to do agricultural markets and be in that area only?” He said. “Where are you going on the big road and trying to become a national brand?” She chose “world domination of chocolate”. Their sweets are in California, Japan and Bermuda – and everywhere in Washington. Chhouquette is a robust and fast company. I spent a few hours with Dwyer recently in the kitchen, rented four nights a week, tucked away in a corner of a downtown industrial park in Montgomery County, Maryland.

About a dozen workers earning the minimum wage of $ 11.50 per hour have equipped an assembly line, a chocolate scrape and a secret Dwyer candy recipe of plastic bags in chocolate shells. The entire process, including customized templates for customers, takes about two hours and typically takes place in about 3,000 chocolates filled with caramel flavors such as the most popular sea (vanilla) salt, balsamic, l Bay spices , wine cellar and lavender. The chocolates are packaged in five-piece boxes that sell for $ 15. Chouquette manufactures more than 100,000 pieces of chocolate per year. I estimate the profit after the cost of goods and labor and rent at about $ 1 per piece. This inspires: a small business in a quiet corner, creating something of value and employing people, some of whom come from Cornerstone Montgomery, which employs people with mental health problems or substance use challenges. Others come from culinary schools, others are high school students, some are retired and some are mothers.

Chouquette produces up to $ 450,000 in sales this year, compared to less than $ 300,000 in 2016. The company has a net profit margin of approximately 10%. Orders from high-margin companies account for 40 percent of sales, wholesale stores to the top 140 that drive Chouquette 40 percent. Special events occur in the rest. The worker works about 60 hours a week, from Monday to Thursday in the kitchen, which she rents for $ 25 per hour. The commercial part of your brain starts on Friday. It reserves that day for website management, ordering supplies, hiring (and sometimes firing) and accounting, which it performs in QuickBooks. “I make a monetary goal for each year and I’ve come or I’ve been very close each time,” Dwyer said. . “We believe that with the addition of new stores and the growth of our corporate gift program, we can reach $ 1.5 million in 2022. With the exception of yet another absolute recession.” Dwyer started her business in 2010 with $ 100,000, she was able to work at the bank, where she earned over $ 100,000 per year. (Start-up money has deviated from an anticipated down payment on a home – one of the costs of entrepreneurship.) It has no debt, which boosts activity with most of the profits.

02 Oct

North Korea Says Seeking Military ‘Equilibrium’ With US

North Korea said on Saturday it aims to achieve a “balance” of military strength with the United States, which previously said its patience with diplomacy is scant after Pyongyang fired a missile in Japan for the second time in a month. “Our goal final is to balance the real force with the United States and ensure that US leaders do not listen to a military option, “said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by the official KCNA.Kim news agency. showed it was vibrating by watching the missile fly from a moving launcher in photos published by the agency, surrounded by several officials. “The combat effectiveness and reliability of Hwasong-12 have been fully verified,” Kim said as quoted by KCNA. Kim added that the northern goal of completing its nuclear force had “almost reached the terminal”. North Korea launched dozens of missiles under Kim’s leadership as it speeds up a weapons program designed to allow it to attack the United States with a powerful nuclear missile.

After the latest missile launch on Friday, White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster said the United States had no patience with North Korea’s nuclear and nuclear programs. “We threw the broken canoes out of the way,” McMaster told reporters, referring to repeated Pyongyang missile tests at odds with international pressure. “For those who commented on the lack of a” military option, there is a military option, ” The UN Security Council condemned the launch of “highly provocative” missiles by North Korea on Friday, which had already tightened sanctions against North Korea in response. to a nuclear bombing on September 3, imposing a ban on North Korea’s textile exports and limiting its crude oil imports. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley echoed McMaster’s strong rhetoric but said that Washington’s preferred resolution The crisis is diplomacy and sanctions.

“What we see are still provocative, they are still reckless and at that time there are not many things the Security Council can do from there, when you have cut 90 percent of trade and 30 percent of oil,” he said. Haley. President Donald Trump said he was “more certain than ever that our options for addressing this threat are effective and overwhelming.” He told Joint Base Andrews, near Washington, that North Korea “showed once more disdain for its neighbors and for the entire world community.”


The latest North Korean missile flew on Hokkaido in northern Japan on Friday and landed in the Pacific about 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) east, the Japanese government said. It traveled around 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) in total, according to the South Korean armed forces, far enough to reach the peaceful territory of Guam, which the North had previously threatened. “The scope of this test has been significant, since North Korea has shown that it could reach Guam with this missile,” said the Union’s defense group interested in a report. However, the missile’s accuracy, even at an early stage of development, was low. He said: on Thursday, US Secretary of State Tillerson called China, the only ally of Pyongyang and Russia to exert more pressure on North Korea “by taking direct action on its own.” Beijing has rejected, urging Washington to do more to stop North Korea. “Honestly, I think the United States must do … much more than now, so there is real effective international cooperation in this matter,” Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai.

“They should refrain from issuing more threats and should do more to find effective ways to resume dialogue and negotiation,” he added, adding that China would never accept North Korea as a state of nuclear weapons. North Korea held its sixth most powerful nuclear bomb test earlier this month and in July tested long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching at least part of the American continent. Last month, North Korea fired an intermediate range missile that also flew over Hokkaido in the ocean. The latest missile exploded in parts of northern Japan, while many residents received alerts on their mobile phones or saw warnings on the television telling them to seek shelter. The US military said it detected an intermediate-range ballistic missile but did not pose a threat to North America or Guam. Global stock investors did not widely appreciate North Korea’s latest missile test, while Wall Street shares posted new highs on Friday.


Trump promised not to allow North Korea to threaten the United States with a nuclear missile. Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the United States should enter into talks with North Korea, which Washington has ruled out so far. invited our US partners and others to implement the political and diplomatic solutions envisioned in the resolution, “Nebenzia told reporters after the Security Council meeting. Without implementing this, we will also consider it a breach of the resolution. “Asked about the prospect of direct talks, a White House spokesman said:” As the president and his national security team have often said, North Korea ” South Korean President Moon Jae-in also said that dialogue with the North was impossible at this stage and ordered authorities to analyze and prepare for possible threats from North Korea, including pulsed electromagnetic attacks and biochemicals. South Korea is still at war with North Korea because the Korean conflict of 1950-53 ended in a truce and not a peace treaty. The North accuses the United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, of claiming the invasion and threaten to destroy it and its Asian allies.

30 Sep

North Korea Wants Military ‘Equilibrium’ With The US, Kim Jong Un Says

North Korea is seeking a military “balance” with the United States to prevent US leaders from talking about military options to deal with Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un said after overseeing the launch of another missile in Japan. And North Korea would continue to run “at full speed and right” to achieve this goal, Kim told his high-level missile unit, according to the latest news release from its official news agency. For the second time in three weeks, North Korea dispatched an intermediate-range missile on Friday to the Japanese island of Hokkaido. He traveled 2,300 miles to the east, landing in the Pacific Ocean. But if it had been launched southeast, it could easily have crossed the US territory of Guam, some 2,100 miles from the Pyongyang launch site. Kim, the North Korean leader who has maintained alarming nuclear and missile speeds, threatened to ” wrap “Guam with missiles if the United States does not stop its” hostile policy “toward the North.

In his last statement, Kim stated that “North Korea’s ultimate goal is to balance the real force with the United States and to ensure that US leaders do not listen to” military options. “He emphasized the need to launch a” nuclear counter-attack which the United States can not cope with. “This statement echoed earlier statements that North Korea did not seek to attack first, but rather to develop the ability to strike. has confirmed that the missile launched on Friday was, as analysts believe, an intermediate-range ballistic missile that North Korea calls Hwasong-12. It was launched from a modified truck stationed at Sunan Airfield near or at the main international airport “The Hwasong-12” deepened the sky with a dazzling flash and a big explosion, “KCNA said. of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which devoted its first three pages to the launch. The color photos showed Kim was watching the missile launch and smiled broadly.

Kim also noted that North Korea had been able to make this incredible progress in its nuclear and missile programs despite more than a decade of international sanctions aimed at reducing its ability to produce the necessary currencies and funding. “We must clearly show the great Chauvins of power how our state achieves the goal of complementing its nuclear force despite its unlimited sanctions and blockades,” Kim told his elite missile unit. North Korea has historically used the term “high-power chauvinist” to refer to China. China has backed sanctions imposed on North Korea this week in response to its massive nuclear test on September 3 and its missile strike in Japan in August. On Monday, the UN Security Council imposed the most severe sanctions on North Korea, limiting its oil imports and banning its textile exports. But the new sanctions were a compromise. To gain support from China and Russia, the United States had to reduce its demands, which included a total oil embargo and a global ban on traveling to Kim.

30 Sep

ISIS Claims London Tube Attack, City’s Threat Level Raised To ‘Critical’

London police were searching for the attacker who detonated a homemade bomb on Friday that sent a blast of flames and smoke to a London subway, injuring at least 29 hours and sending mobs in panic struggling for safety in what the police called a terrorist incident. On Friday night, authorities had given no details on the suspects. Security measures were reinforced in London’s extensive transit system, and the government described the threat level of the criticism, which meant that another attack might be imminent. British media reported that the brute device, transported in a bucket and pushed into a shopping bag, a group of Islamic state terrorists claimed responsibility for the blast on its Amaq news website. Experts have warned that the group often seeks credits for attacks that it has been able to inspire as well as those that have nothing to do.

The explosion on the London Underground will revive an acute debate over whether countries like Britain have been tough enough to fight terrorism. Within hours of the blast, President Trump suggested that the UK should be “more proactive”. Shortly thereafter, Prime Minister Theresa May replied that this criticism was not helpful. “This was a device designed to cause significant damage,” May said, but it is unclear if the explosive may have prematurely exploded or failed at Parsons Green station, about two miles south west of central London. He was not sure if the suspected attacker was among the wounded or was now running. In a sign that a hunt could be mobilized, the London police asked the public to send pictures of mobile phones to the scene. British media said investigators had closed-circuit television footage of a suspect. The unit of the house exploded on the incoming train, nine stops from Westminster.

After the attack, Trump tweeted, “Another attack in London by a losing terrorist, they are sick and denied to the people who were in the sites of Scotland Yard.” They must be proactive! It was not clear if Trump had been briefed by his security advisers and knew something about the identity of the assailants. At that time, neither the London police nor the British government had said anything publicly beyond the description of the detonation as an alleged terrorist attack. As a result of Trump’s tweets, and not to mention the American name by name, May said it was not useful for anyone to speculate about … Later, during a brief appearance outside the White House, Trump hammered a line message hard saying, “We have to be very smart and we have to be very, very hard – maybe we are not hard enough.” In an election campaign the British Prime Minister has repeatedly promised new tough measures, which promised that “if human rights laws hampered the protection of Britain, these laws.

At that time, experts wondered whether the difficult May talks could be accompanied by more action in a country considered one of the most proactive in the world against terrorism. “The threat is now so widespread that it is not clear how these measures could be used more effectively to prevent future attacks,” said Raffaello Pantucci, director of the Group’s International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London. “One of the few possibilities would be to impose harsher penalties for terror-related crimes, and this is certainly something under consideration.” “There’s only so much you can do,” he said. “I do not think the British want to have armed police in every corner of the street.” Shortly after the blast, the populist right-wing British Popular Party, or UKIP, tweeted: “Thank God, no one is seriously #ParsonsGreen, but we can not depend on the incompetence of the jihadist.” Officials said that 29 injured had been burned to a very high degree. Emergency services reported that none of those who suffered had fatal injuries.

“We have hundreds of detectives involved in watching [CCTV], forensics and communicating with witnesses,” said Mark Rowley, head of the London anti-terrorism unit. is located in Fulham, a neighborhood of Victorian rowhouses and leafy parks, known for its furniture designers and Champions League football. Witnesses described a fireball and smoke races through the subway car and then a frenetic accident of people trying to escape while others tried to help those who had burns and other injuries. Luke Walmsley, a 33-year-old editor, was on his way to work during a normal morning, moving, listening to music. And then, things were not suddenly normal. “I heard a scream, then there was lightning, a light and a smoke, I managed to remove the ear plugs, then the screams grow stronger,” he said. he said, reminding people to run to him at the station. “It was chaos, everyone was just walking down the stairs, and it’s a very close exit,” he said, describing the wounded on the ground. “I went back to see if they were okay, other people attended, then there were nannies and mothers asking where their children were.”

He said that people help others “who were surprised and burned, bottled water poured into burns, severe burns, whole legs”. In the months following May’s re-election, his government proposed new proposals. Cities have invested in building barriers or bollards to make it more difficult for terrorists to attack popular public spaces. Earlier this week, London police deployed for the first time new high-tech nets linked to tungsten steel spurs that can be placed on pavements and stop marauding vehicles as heavy as a two person bus plants. “The terrorist threat now includes unsophisticated attacks, such as stabbed and bulging vehicles, where the planning cycle is much shorter than it would be,” said Rajan Basra, a researcher at the International Center. “This volatility means that authorities must intervene a lot before”. The Friday blast was the fifth terrorist attack in Britain this year, with at least three of the attackers that hit Britain this year were previously known by law enforcement officials.

Authorities acknowledged that it is impossible to keep track of all suspects, and it is believed that British security services are constantly monitoring about 500 people. According to EU officials, the number of Islamic extremists in the country could be as high as 50. Lauren Hubbard, 24, just walked on the subway at Parsons Green – the start of her morning goes to work in the financial district When she felt intense heat. Then he saw the flames leaning toward her. “I could see the fire,” he said. “I can feel the heat. At first, just panic, then just run.” Kate Llewellyn-Jones, 42, who lives next to the station, said she heard shouts and a woman ran into her yard. He had lost his shoes in a hurry. This thought struck a lot: why attack here? Parsons Green is not a tourist asset, but a green enclave.

“It feels very far from the center,” said Llewellyn-Jones. Following the recent attack of the attacks in London and Manchester, the British prime minister was criticized by the opposition to reduce the local police personnel. On Thursday, the British Home Office announced that police, using the larger authorities, have arrested a record 379 people for terrorism-related crimes in recent months, up nearly 70 percent.

17 Sep

Oppose ‘Third Party’, Says China on India-Japan’s Northeast Plan

NEW DELHI: In response to Japan’s plan to intensify investments in northeastern India, China said it was against a “third party” in the region where it has border disputes with India.

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy in the east, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was in India on a two-day visit earlier this week, announced the increase in Japanese investment in infrastructure projects such as road connectivity and electricity in the Northeast, an area that New Delhi considers a gateway to Southeast Asia. A joint statement issued Thursday after a bilateral meeting between the two leaders announced the establishment of the Eastern East Forum.

“You also mentioned the policy of the Eastern Law, it has to be clear that the border of the border area of ​​India and China has not been fully delimited. We have disputes in the eastern part of the border,” said Ministry of Foreign Relations spokesman Exteriors of China, Hua Chunying.

“Now we are trying to find a solution through negotiations that are acceptable to both parties and in such circumstances several parties must respect these aspects and any third party should not participate in our efforts to resolve disputes,” Hua said.

Shinzo Abe’s visit came a few days after New Delhi and Beijing agreed to end the longest and most serious military confrontation in Doklam, near Sikkim. The 70-day outbreak began in June, when India dispatched troops to prevent the construction of a road in the remote and uninhabited Doklam area claimed by both China and its ally in Bhutan. India. Delhi says the road is a serious security concern because it is changing the status quo at the confluence of borders between India, China and Bhutan.

The Chinese spokesman, however, said that China is not mentioned in the joint statement India-Japan and that it has never seen innuendo in Beijing as reported by the media. “We are also closely following the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to India. I have carefully read the joint statement, but I have not found the statement mentioned in the term” China, “he said.

The joint declaration between India and Japan said: “The two prime ministers welcomed the cooperation between India and Japan in the development of Northeast India a concrete symbol of the development of synergies between East India policy and Indo Pacific Free and Open Strategy “.

“India and Japan are important countries in Asia and we hope that the normal development of the relationship can promote peace, development and development and play a constructive role in this process,” said the Chinese spokesman.

In an indirect reference to Japan, Hua said: “We also hope that several parties can defend the rights to freedom of navigation on country flights in different waters.” China and Japan have a dispute over the uninhabited islands called Senkakus by Japan and Diaoyu Islands by China in the East China Sea, where the ships of both countries aggressively patrol the waters around the islands.

Relations between India and Japan – the second and third largest economy in Asia – have grown, such as Mr. Abe and PM Modi, who have a close personal relationship, are increasingly balanced for China to be the dominant Asian power .

15 Sep

Rs 651 cr payment to DoCoMo makes Tata Power report Rs 247 cr net loss

Rs 651 cr payment to DoCoMo makes Tata Power report Rs 247 cr net loss

Tata Power Company reported a consolidated loss of Rs 246.9 crore in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016-17 after the company made an excellent outstanding payment of Rs 651 crore for Tata Sons liabilities to DoCoMo. Excluding DoCoMo payments, the company posted a Rs 389 million rupee profit compared to Rs 89 million rupees a year ago, thanks to the good results of coal mining in Indonesia, which still represent recoveries Gujarat coast of energy that owns the project Mundra in Gujarat.
The Supreme Court’s suspension of the compensation fee for the Mundra project had no impact on the company’s financial activities since the company did not record any income compensation fees on its accounts with the past, the company said. However, analysts believe that the current rate of Rs 0.30 per unit to Rs 0.40 per unit for recovery, the company would have an impact of Rs 900 crore to Rs 100 crore for fiscal year 2017 -18 1. In nine months to December 31, 2016, the subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power of Tata Power reported a loss of Rs 712 crore. In the fourth quarter, losses are expected to be in the range of Rs 250 crore, according to a Mumbai-based analyst.
In the future, it would be interesting to keep track of how the company will make viable the CGPL in the absence of compensatory fees and the inability to convert the plant into a national plant-based coal. “The group periodically reviews the recoverable value of the carrying amount of its assets in Mundra. Given the uncertainties estimated in the determination of future cash flows, assumptions will continue to be regularly monitored by management and adjustments made if the assumptions related to the conditions Indicate that such adjustments are appropriate, “the company said in a limited liability report.
Tata Power’s total revenue for the quarter fell 0.5% to $ 7,392.95 gross compared to lower electricity sales and higher fuel costs. Fuel costs for the quarter increased 30% to Rs. 2515 million, while the cost of raw materials increased by 24% to 378. Operating income for the quarter stood at Rs 1,164 crore compared to Rs 1,648 crore a year ago due to the resumption of the Gujarat Coast power and the impact of the single tax on Tata Power Distribution Delhi, which does not affect The net profit.
Based on the year as a whole, the company recorded a net profit of Rs 1,397 million (before the single impact DoCoMo Rs 651 crore) compared to Rs 662 million rupees last year, mainly due to the increase Of coal mining contributions in the second half of the fiscal year, the good performance of the renewable energy business and the brand’s gain in the foreign exchange market, the company said in a statement. Total revenues for the year decreased by 4.3% compared to the previous year, to 28,288 premium due to lower fuel and energy costs, and out of sales.

05 Sep

How to get/download SB Game Hacker is simple and Easy way for Free

download SB Game Hacker is simple and Easy way for Free

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SB Game Hacker Apk Configuration

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17 Aug

India should not forcibly return ethnic Rohingya refugees:HRW

India should not forcibly return ethnic Rohingya refugees:HRW

India should not forcibly return ethnic Rohingya refugees:HRW

New York, August 17 (PTI) India must fulfill its international legal obligations and must not return the Rohingya refugees in Myanmar, where they face persecution, not enough to evaluate their claims as refugees, said an international human rights group .

Human Rights Watch (HRW) quoted Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijijus in Parliament: “The government issued detailed instructions on the deportation of illegal aliens, including the Rohingya,” noting that there were about 40,000 Rohingyas living illegally in India.

“India has a long history of supporting vulnerable people fleeing to neighboring countries, including Sri Lanka, Afghans and Tibetans,” said HRWs director in South Asia Meenakshi Ganguly.

The Rohingya are a Muslim minority throughout West Myanmar.

“The Indian authorities must comply with India’s international legal obligations and not forcefully return all Rohingyas in Burma without first evaluating their claims as refugees,” he said.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has also expressed concern over India’s plans to expel the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, stressing that they should not be returned to countries in which they fear persecution once registered.

Ganguly said that without the will or ability to evaluate asylum applications, the Indian government should stop all plans to expel the Rohingya and the registry in order to obtain health care and education and find work.

“Most Rohingyas were forced to flee from flagrant abuses, and India should show leadership in protecting the besieged community and urging the Burmese government to end the repression and atrocities that make these people go, He added.

HRW said that about 16,500 rohingyas living in India are registered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), as the government claims that tens of thousands of people are not saved.

The group said that Rijiju’s statement does not accurately reflect the obligations of the Indians under international refugee law.

While India is not a party to the 1951 Convention or its 1967 Protocol, it continues to be bound by customary international law not to return a refugee to a place where there is a serious risk of pursuing or endangering his or her life or freedom . He told me.

The Rohingya live mainly in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan.

HRW said it had said that serious and systematic violations against the Rohingya in ethnic Burma had been widely documented.